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May 23 2017

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May 20 2017

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May 19 2017

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I have been deeply in love with the seemingly nonsensical answer for such a long time, this is unbelievable and wonderful and I adore it so much- what a paradigm shift!!

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May 18 2017

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Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Russia (dianatuktamysheva)

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Yuanyang rice terraces, Yunnan, China

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May 17 2017

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May 16 2017

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The youngest and at the same time the largest synagogue in Prague, the Jubilee Synagogue, is situated outside the Jewish Quarter, but near the Main Railway station and Jindrisska Tower in Prague. Jubilee Synagogue was built in 1905-06 in Art Nouveau and pseudo moorish styles as a compensation for demolished synagogues in the Jewish Quarter.

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8.9.1 ▪️ Karl-Shakur  ▪️ Instagram 
Yosemite National Park

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May 15 2017

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Photo of Burning Man taken from TerraSAR-X satellite
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